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The Trendiest Hashtags, Instagram Edition

Learn about the latest Instagram Hashtag trends from Nagel Media Group
Trendiest Hashtags Instagram Edition

Why are hashtags so important?

Hashtags make it easier for users to discover posts and engage in conversations surrounding a specific topic by filtering relevant content. For marketers, hashtags help to create visibility for campaigns and to reach relevant audiences. Hashtags contribute to exposure and make your content more discoverable. Please note, the below hashtag trends are specific to Instagram only. We will share a separate blog per channel.

How exactly do they work?

Hashtags are a combination of letters, numbers, and/or emoji preceded by the # symbol (i.e. #nagelmediagroup). You can add hashtags to the caption of your Instagram post or Reel, or include them in text elements on your Instagram Story. They are a great way to expand your Instagram audience and get more reach.

You can curate your own hashtag or add one that other people are already using like #instadaily, which has more than 645 million posts!

Anyone who conducts an Instagram hashtag search will see a page showing all the posts, Stories and Reels tagged with that hashtag. Hashtags are clickable. Anyone who clicks on an Instagram hashtag will view all other posts that use the same hashtag. People can also choose to follow hashtags, which means they can see your hashtagged post in their feed even if they don’t follow you (yet!).

Now that you have a short overview on the importance of hashtags and how they work, let's jump into the trendiest Insta hashtags by top 50 overall, top B2B & B2C and for likes.

Top 50 hashtags on Instagram

  1. #love (2.1B)

  2. #instagood (1.6B)

  3. #fashion (1.1B)

  4. #art (1B)

  5. #beautiful (816M)

  6. #nature (771M)

  7. #happy (693M)

  8. #follow (687M)

  9. #travel (685M)

  10. #cute (660M)

  11. #style (634M)

  12. #tbt (581M)

  13. #followme (553M)

  14. #summer (539M)

  15. #beauty (522M)

  16. #fitness (514M)

  17. #like4like (514M)

  18. #food (502M)

  19. #instalike (493M)

  20. #photo (482M)

  21. #selfie (450M)

  22. #friends (436M)

  23. #music (434M)

  24. #smile (432M)

  25. #family (432M)

  26. life (431M)

  27. #fun (430M)

  28. #girl (424M)

  29. #lifestyle (338M)

  30. #sunset (320M)

  31. #amazing (286M)

  32. #nofilter (284M)

  33. #instamood (276M)

  34. #sun (269M)

  35. #instapic (205M)

  36. #cool (165M)

  37. #swag (144M)

  38. #night (144M)

Popular B2B hashtags

Popular B2C hashtags

Hashtags for Instagram likes

  1. #love (2.1B)

  2. #instagood (1.6B)

  3. #follow (687M)

  4. #instalike (493M)

  5. #like (356M)

  6. #instamood (276M)

  7. #insta (206M)

  8. #fyp (182M)

  9. #daily (168M)

  10. #instalove (135M)

  11. #instacool (108M)

  12. #followers (104M)

  13. #comedy (79.5)

  14. #like4follow (73.1M)

  15. #likeme (42.7)

How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?

Technically, you can post up to 30 hashtags but too many hashtags can look spammy and may even hurt your reach or flag your account. Try to keep it under 10.

And remember Instagram’s search tool also analyzes the actual content of your captions. So hashtags aren’t your only way to make an impression. Write informative, clear captions packed with industry-specific search terms and keywords to take advantage of social SEO.

Should I segment my hashtags?

Absolutely! We recommend branded hashtags, industry-specific hashtags, for likes hashtags, and from the top 50. Why? Branded hashtags are a great way to build overall brand awareness and streamline your searchable content. Industry-specific hashtags grounds your social media presence and keeps your brand top of mind in social SEO. For likes and top 50 hashtags ensures your content stays on trend and fresh. Most importantly, use hashtags specific to the post creative and caption. Every element of your post must paint a transparent message.


Hashtags are just one key element to cultivating a stellar social media content strategy. Click here if you would like a social media channel analysis. Our analysis will provide follower demographics, reach ratios, peak hours/days to deploy content and so much more. The more you understand your followers you are empowered with intellectual data to increase engagement and interaction.

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